Did the Virgin Mary appear on the headland of Coogee NSW Australia?


The Coogee Virgin

On January 30 2003 an apparition of the Virgin Mary appeared on the headland of Coogee NSW Australia. Apparently the Virgin was originally seen through the door of a laundrette that faces toward the beach and headland.

The following day hundreds of people from all around Sydney and elsewhere swarmed the site to catch a glimpse of the blessed mother which appeared each day between 3.30 and 5pm. People trekked up the headland path to touch, kiss and pray to the post where the apparition was seen, they placed pictures of Mary, rosaries and flowers along the fence. Others cried, sang and prayed. All the while the locals became angry about grid locked traffic and no parking spaces.

Although many believed that the apparition was in fact the Virgin mother, most understood that the image of Mary was an optical illusion caused by the fence and the shadow it threw against the ground and headland. 

The Sydney Archdiocese refused to comment on the religious significance of the apparition, Father Denis Holm the local parishioner said "I'm not putting a great amount of store on the significance of it," "However, if people are experiencing a sense of peace by being there, then I see it as a good thing."

Many of the faithful believed that the appearance of the Virgin was somehow related to the Sari Club bombing in October 2002 which claimed 88 Australian lives. And that perhaps she appeared to give comfort to the bereaved.

Approximately one month later the fence was knocked down by vandals, this came after a series of vandal attacks which included: The posts painted red and green and a toilet bowl chained to the area. The fence was reconstructed by the local council who made no claim that the image of the Virgin would reappear.

Believers have since created and tend a makeshift garden shrine where she appears and devout pilgrims of the Coogee Virgin have lobbied the council and government to erect a chapel on the beachside park known as Dolphins Reserve. 3 Academic papers have been written exploring the appearance of the Virgin Mary at Coogee and it's connection to the national grief caused by the Bali bombings.