Mothman is considered by some
researchers to be an Ultraterrestrial creature. 


A theory first popularly put forward by author of The Mothman Prophecies John A Keel. Is that many paranormal and crypto-zoological entities such as Aliens, Bigfoot and the Mothman are not in fact what most people may believe them to be. E.g. That Bigfoot is not a relic hominid or aliens are not from outer space. Keel believes and I am coming around to his way of thinking is that these creatures are and have always been part of the condition of this planet.

One theory suggests that these beings are so far more advanced than us that it is almost impossible for us to understand or even conceive what they are or what motives they have? And only under certain circumstances or states of mind can these "beings" be perceived.

Another theory is that Ultraterrestrials exist in a parallel existence to our own, they exist on "this" planet together with us in an alternate reality. At at times they either cross over into our reality or that some unique individuals have to ability to perceive them. John A Keel theorizes that UFOs are "nothing more than transmogrification's tailoring themselves to our abilities to understand...” and that the Ultraterrestrials "...are somehow able to manipulate the electrical circuits of the human mind."

Keel suggests that UFO sightings, Men in Black, Aliens, Hairy hominids, Fairies, Angels, etc are a cover for the real phenomenon. It is more likely that we see what we want to see and interpret such visions according to our contemporary beliefs. And it is suggested that these beings are so complex that our minds cannot comprehend them and perhaps you could liken it to an animal such as a Koala which is captured, examined tagged and released. It has no understanding why it was taken and what was done to it.

The motives of Ultraterrestrials seem to allude the human psyche. Prophecies are made some come true, while others don't happen on the given date - but then only to occur some years later. Men in Black appear wearing out of date clothes and driving out of date cars, ask strange questions, act strangely (i.e such as having to be shown how to use a knife and fork) and make death threats. Strange phone calls are made the callers claiming to be people they are not also eerie beeps and buzzes and someone speaking in exotic tongues are heard.

All in all its seems these inter-dimensional beings are mischievous and take pleasure in toying with humanity.