Australia's Mystery Glyphs

Near Gosford NSW (60km North of Sydney) on the Central Coast of Australia a few kilometers down a dirt bush track can be found the Australian Mystery Glyphs also known as the Gosford Hieroglyphics. 

Unexplained Australia receives thousands and thousands of hits a day by visitors who come here solely for the purpose of viewing and reading about these anomalous symbols.

Over the years many theories have been put forward as to who or indeed what created these mysterious symbols carved into the rock cleft. And what makes the stories more intriguing is the apparent opening of a tomb just round the corner of where the Glyphs appear. Further round again on the cliff that hangs above the Glyphs you could be mistaken to think that there was once a huge face carved into the stone.

For some the Gosford Glyphs are a place of pilgrimage and religious significance, people believe they can feel a presence or an energy that derives from the area. Others believe the glyphs were carved by aliens and that a flat rock above the glyphs on the top of the cliff is where the spacecraft landed.

Whatever the truth is behind these carvings they have captured the imaginations of people from all over the world! 

Are the Glyphs and the Tomb real? Check out images of the glyphs and what they actually say below. 

Also view the exclusive Unexplained Australia Gosford Glyphs Video and make up your own mind.

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Anubis Ancient Egyptian protector of the dead. 



One of the many cartouches containing the name Khufu.



Cartouche containing the name Nefersedeb.



Hieroglyph that translates as Sail Upstream.



A strange being holding an instrument. Possibly an interpretation of Ptah.



Entrance to a Tomb?




Khufu and his son Sneferu cartouches.



Glyph that translates as Lying down or Death.



Cartouche containing the name Radjedmer.



A face can be seen in the rock here.


Looking down in the rock cleft where the Glyphs are carved.


The view from above where the Glyphs are located looking south.



A nose carved into the rockface?



A stick man figure amongst the other hieroglyphs.



A dog bone looking figure.




Many people believe that this symbol represents a UFO.



Some people believe this area is a UFO landing pad.



Could this hole in the rock been made by the landing gear of an alien spacecraft?



Egyptian Glyph of a snake which is the consonant for "d" which is pronounced "j".