Have you seen a small dark hooded being?

Hooded Beings, Entities and Figures.

The phenomenon of hooded entities or beings is one I have been following for many years. I have personally spoken to several witnesses over the years that describe similar experiences that involve these entities.

Hooded entities are usually described as 3 feet tall (1m) wearing a dark cloak with a hood, much like the Grim reaper style or like Jawas in the Star Wars Trilogy. Usually the faces are not visible under the hood but are occasionally seen with red eyes. Rarely facial features are described. Occasionally they are described taller as much as six feet (2m) in height.

Hooded beings seem to often appear to children and to lesser extent adults. They are most often seen during the night and usually appear to witnesses in bed (sometimes they are witnessed in dreams) or when awakened to get up to use the toilet or other night time activity. 

When awakened in bed or in a dream witnesses describe the hooded figures intensely staring down at them which evokes intense fear and paralysis. Sometimes vibrating or low humming sounds are felt and heard. Usually the beings beckon the witness out of bed and lead them outside. Most of the time to a wooded or natural area and are shown a variety of different things. Such as medical experiments the beings are conducting, impending disasters and other disturbing things. Sometimes more positive messages and healings are performed by the beings. Hooded entities can appear singularly or in groups. When in groups the entities tend to follow each other in an orderly line.

Reaction to them varies from intense fear, curiosity to positive feelings. Other witnesses believe that the beings try to communicate with them thru telepathy and emotional feelings.

Some witnesses describe the experience as a dream like quasi mystical state or alternate reality whilst others believe it is a very real physical experience.

Hooded figures have been seen by people when driving and out at night walking across and along roads and in fields and woodland areas.

Hooded beings differ from Shadow People (also described as hooded) dramatically as Shadow people are usually seen in the peripheral vision and when looked at directly disappear into floors ceilings and walls. Where as Hooded beings interact with witnesses are seen directly for longer periods of time.

Various theories has been put forward as to what the hooded ones are; Alien abductors, Inter-dimensional beings, Nature spirits, Ghosts, Ultra-Terrestrials, Sleep paralysis, Dreams and products of the subconscious mind.


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