Mystery of the Kaz II


Kaz II


On April 18th, 2007 a 12 metre sailing catamaran known as the Kaz II was found drifting 80 nautical miles off the east Australian coastline, with no sign of its West Australian crew of three.

On board the engine was running, the table was set for a meal, fishing lines were set, a computer was open and running. Fenders were down on one side of the catamaran. Apart from a torn sail, there were no signs of anything amiss on the boat. The crew have never been found, and no explanation has ever been given for their disappearance

It had set off three days before from Airlie Beach to sail around Northern Australia to Western Australia. Many theories have been advanced. The fact that fenders were down led to suggestions that they had been boarded by another boat and were victims of foul play. As clothes were found neatly folded on the aft deck, another theory was that the three crew known to be on board had all taken a swim together and the craft drifted away, it is assumed the crew were not able to get back on board and drowned.

Other theories were that the catamaran became stuck on a sandbank, and the men jumped overboard to push her free, but a gust of wind blew the vessel away from them, or that one fell overboard and the others were lost trying to save him. It was determined by instruments on board that the yacht had not been steered since the day of her departure, but had not been discovered drifting for three full days. An air-and-sea search was called off after four days, and the mystery has never been solved.