The Atlantic and the South Pacific do not have all the mysteries to themselves. The Mediterranean has its story too.

Bel Amica


Bel Amica, found drifting off the coast of Sardinia with a half eaten meal still on board - .. . 

In August 2006, the schooner Bel Amica, was found drifting dangerously off the island of Sardinia near Punta Volpe with a half eaten meal of Egyptian food, charts of the Mediterranean and piles of clothes on board, but no crew.

The coast guard boarded the vessel and steered her away from the rocks and shallow waters she was drifting towards. The only identification aboard the ship was a wooden tablet or 'plaque' as described in some papers that read 'Bel Amica'(sic), and she had been registered in no country.

Later the owner of the vessel was located, but no satisfactory explanation was ever found for why she had been abandoned suddenly, or what had happened to the crew..