Do we live in a “kind of” Matrix?

The Matrix films described a world where humanity was enslaved to a massive computer simulation where no-one or only a select few became aware of their bondage. 

In the matrix script we hear terms such as “system” “enslavement” “waking up” “sleeping” and “blinded from the truth.” 

Now I am not going to be so bold as to suggest that we live in a computer simulated dream world such as depicted in the Matrix films. However I will suggest that some of the concepts the writers Andy and Larry Wachoski were getting at are quite real or for those of us who are paranoid enough can see it in our daily existence. And I am one who IS paranoid enough and to have the time on my hands to contemplate such a bizarre theory unlike the 9-5ers of the world who are “enslaved” to “the system”.

So metaphorically what the Matrix stands for (in one of its many levels) is the “enslavement” to this “system”. If this is case what “system” we are “enslaved” to?

One of the questions the character Morpheus (Lawrence Fishburne) asks Neo (Keanu Reeves) is “What is real, how do you define real?” If we ask ourselves this very same question about the “perceived” world we live in. What would our answers be?

We are fed our information in this “system” by the media, the government, our parents, our teachers. We are told that man has landed on the moon. We are told that there is no life in outer space. We were told that Iraq had WMD’s we are fed the information from TV, newspapers and the internet and we believe it without question. But ask yourself. When was the last time you were in outer space. How are we really to know if man has been there or not? 

We allow ourselves to be manipulated by these different forms of media so much that we barely have an original thought of our own anymore. And those less perceptive ones of us could even be convinced by the “powers that be” the black is indeed white. And these “powers that be” know this and exploit it. 

What really seems to amaze me is the “total loyalty” that many people give to the corporations that employ them. This could be a Private Corporation or a Government agency such as the Police force. Now quite often these people are looking after No 1 paying the bills and surviving in this world. But how an employee becomes totally loyal to a corporation that will sack them at the drop of a hat when the going gets tough is beyond my imagination? They are too part of this system and as stated in the Matrix film some will “die to protect it.”

I am a strange kind of person I don’t watch commercial television, I watch very little paid/cable television, I don’t listen to the radio. Although I do read the papers and get my news from the internet. I don’t work a 9-5 job. I don’t take drugs and drink only a little. But when I work is when everyone else is not. When I am at work I see the guy or girl that has worked hard all week to earn money to survive only on the Friday night to anesthetize themselves with alcohol just so they can forget about the miserable time they had all week at work. They are then bombarded by televised team sports (Football seems the best distraction) that promote a “herd mentality” sponsored by major corporations who are selling you the means to anesthetize and slowly kill yourself. All in an attempt to distract you from the harsh realities of the world we live in, and the policies that are made by Governments whilst you are “asleep.”

We are influenced and convinced by the media, government policy into a way of thinking so easily we don’t even stop to think for ourselves. We are coerced into buying, thinking, behaving and voting in just the way that the mass media and government want us to. This is what the creators of the Matrix were referring to. Metaphorically being plugged in to the Matrix with a port in the back or your head is no different from tuning the News channel or switching on your radio. Another example is the scene with Keanu Reeves being chewed out by his boss for being late for work. What they are saying is; Submit to authority, do as you are told, work hard and don’t upset the equilibrium or the Feds will come and get you!

To what end do I hear you ask? Well that’s where the mind boggles. Some point to a New World Order where an elite class rule the world under one banner and you are the mind numbed, docile peasant. Or is it simply greed, keep you in the dark, drugged, feed you BS to keep buying their products while they get rich and you get poorer and where we are simply cattle in a herd feeding from a trough of propaganda.

Lucky for us today we have the internet I hear you say? But who invented the internet anyway? Answer: The US Military!

Have a nice day!