UFO testing at Woomera?


Woomera is known as Australia's Area 51 or simply Area 52. The Woomera Prohibited Area (WPA) was established in 1947 as rocket and weapons testing facility including testing Nuclear Weapons. 

Woomera is a top secret military base boasting a massive 127,000 square km area, and is the largest testing ground in the world. The WPA is approximately the size of England.

The township of Woomera was closed to civilians until 1982 the town itself was established soley for the purpose of supporting the WPA personnel. The town is now open to the general public.

The use of the V1 and V2 rockets by Germany in World War 2 against the United Kingdom resulted in the UK's desire to undertake its own rocket research and development after the war. 

However, the density of population in the UK made it difficult to establish a test facility in the UK so they approached the Australian government for a site in Australia. 

The site of the town and the prohibited area were surveyed by Len Beadell. The major criteria for selecting a site were, that it provided a very long testing corridor, and avoided populated areas.

The testing of top secret weapons in the WPA has led to speculation that other technology is being tested there also. Particularly in light of many UFO sightings that occur along the Stuart Highway that runs directly through the Prohibited area. It is against the law for motorists to stop along the highway and enter the Prohibited Area.

Wycliffe Well supposedly Australia's UFO capital lies along the Stuart Highway and is a popular tourist attraction and over night stop over for weary travelers. UFO's have been seen in Wycliffe Well as far back as WWII.

Rumor exists that a 35 story building has been constructed underground the Woomera base. And that the United States now uses the Area to test Experimental Aircraft reverse engineered from crashed Alien spacecraft as Area 51 in Nevada has gained too much attention from UFO researchers and enthusiasts. 

It could be speculated that the recent UFO flap currently occurring in the Northern Territory is due to Top Secret reverse engineered craft being test flown from the Woomera Prohibited Area.