What are UFO's and Aliens?


UFO --Unidentified Flying Object - generally accepted as meaning of alien origin, but strictly referring to any airborne anomalous light or vehicle. Throughout the ages man has been fascinated with the heavenly bodies, we plant out crops to their movements, we analyze our behaviors based on planetary alignment and we look to the stars for insight and inspiration.

But to some it hold much more. UFO's have been reported since man has been able to transcribe events into history. There have been many explanation put forward for these countless sightings. A meteor, a shooting star, The planet Venus, reflections from aeroplanes, the list goes on and on. There are also numerous explanations as to what they could be if we were to believe that they are not an explainable object. Visitors from other planets, other dimension or even earthlings from other times.

Alien Abduction

Along with the sightings of UFOs comes the Abduction enigma. One of the earliest examples is that of Betty and Barney Hill abducted on 19-20 September 1961. During abductions the subject is usually beamed or taken aboard an alien spacecraft and is subjected to a series of physical examinations. The reproductive organs of the abductees is usually of particular interest to the aliens. And some have been told that genetic material is needed for the aliens to propagate their species. Some people claim that they were pregnant at the times of their abduction and fetuses are taken. They find themselves not to be pregnant when they are returned. The abductors do not usually speak to the subject but are communication is by telepathy. Sometimes subjects are shown images of the destruction of the earth and other environmental disasters. And are told if humans do not end their greedy ways humans will destroy one another.

Many abductees claim that aliens place implants in their bodies to keep track of their movements and presumably other information. Implants have been surgically removed from people who claim to be abductees. Some have been analyzed to reveal elements which are not found on this planet but are often commonly found in meteorites. 

UFO Technology

Ufologists claim that downed UFOs have been retrieved by the American Military. The most famous case of which is the 1947 Roswell Incident and that these craft are housed in the Nellis Air Force base at a mysterious place called Area 51. The technology used to build the Stealth bomber and other high altitude reconnaissance vehicles were constructed using "alien technology". Another theory is that there is an "alien liaison" and that Flying saucers were given to the military by aliens in return for other freedoms or favours. Several people most notably Bob Lazar claims to have been employed by the military to back engineer these craft. He describes what he calls the "sports model" that he worked on and this craft uses a particular substance known as Element 115 to fuel the vehicle.