Ancient Aliens, UFO’s, Abductions, etc...

Ancient Aliens a popular television show on the History Channel has now had 7 seasons explores the possibility that ancient alien visitors from outer space intervened with human development, including human genetics, taught us engineering, agriculture, science, astronomy and even influenced religion.

The programme’s theories rely heavily on Erich Von Dankien’s books including the bestseller Chariots of the Gods, this title plus Von Dankien’s other works on the same subject have sold over 63 million copies worldwide and have been translated into 32 languages. Most mainstream scientists and archaeologists dismiss Von Dankien’s work as a pseudoscience.

The Ancient Alien theory suggests that Aliens/and or their technology were responsible for building the Egyptian and South American Pyramids, The Easter Island Heads (Moai) The South American ancient cities of Puma Punku and Machu Pichu to name just a few. 

Some Ancient technology apparently influenced by Ancient Aliens includes the Antikethera device, the Bagdad Battery and the supposed Ancient Egyptian lightbulb. 

Sceptics of the ancient astronaut theory think it is insulting to our ancient ancestors that they were believed to be not smart enough to learn how to build things through trial and error. Such as the Egyptian pyramids where an obvious progression can be seen through the historical record. Beginning with Mastabas which were simply flat tomb coverings made from quarried stone that eventually evolved in the Great Pyramids of Giza that everyone is familiar with. 

Now I am not saying that Extra-terrestrials have never visited this planet and you would be a fool to believe that we are the only form of intelligent life in the vastness of our universe. The overwhelming evidence of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO’s) that appear to defy the laws of physics, turning at sharp 90 degree angles at break neck speeds suggests that “something” has infiltrated our airways that is not of this earth or at least this planet as we know it. 

The problem is in this day and age that the words “Alien” and “UFO” have been inextricably linked. Although I am not sure that this is wise? When people ask me do I believe Aliens have visited earth in these vehicles (flying saucers) I tell them I believe in Flying Saucers (UFO’s) but I am not too sure about the Extra-terrestrial Aliens part? Why? Because I have seen an Unidentified Flying Object which could manoeuvre in a way that conventional aircraft cannot. Hence and “Unidentified Flying Object!

This answer seems to confuse some people. How can you believe in Flying Saucers (UFO’s) and not in Aliens? They ask, I then point out why does it have to be Extra-terrestrial Aliens who are the pilots? Why couldn’t they be Interdimensional beings, human time travellers, or as John Keel wrote in his book, The Mothman Prophecies, “these things are just are a natural condition of the planet?” i.e. they have always been here!

Poll numbers of alien abductions have suggested numbers to be in the hundreds of thousands, in the 1990’s the Alien abduction phenomenon was in full swing, many books were written about the subject including “Communion” an international bestseller by Whitley Striber. Budd Hopkins author of “Intruders” was also a prominent figure in the alien abduction field and was the first to suggest the interest that Aliens have in human genetics. 

But for me the whole abduction phenomenon is something that I have a bit of a problem with.

If a being from another solar system can navigate and travel the vastness of space using technology such as hyper drive, light speed, folding space or whatever, simply with the intent of visiting earth to abduct humans to study their biology by probing us in unpleasant places. Why would they need to actually physically enter your bedroom and drag you to their saucer kicking and screaming? Surely they must have developed some kind of “beam me up scotty” type of technology?

Most apparent abduction cases seem to be centered on the harvesting of genetic material of human beings. And is according to some researchers a young person’s experience. People over the age of 40 are less likely to have had an abduction experience statistically speaking. It is believed the reason for this is due to reduced fertility in this age group. *See Greys below. 

Apart from anecdotal evidence most of it uncovered during hypnosis, there is very little physical evidence of Alien abduction, yes there have been cases of unusual artifacts removed from apparent abductee’s bodies which they claim are “alien implants” or “tracking devices”, some people point to mysterious scars and wounds as physical evidence of their abductions experiences. However on investigation these artifacts turn out to be made from common elements found on earth.

For my money if we have Aliens visiting our planet (or reality if you will?) they would have to be some kind of inter-dimensional beings from another plane of existence or parallel universe? I know some people will think, Well that’s wackier than the theory of aliens travelling across the vastness of space! But the Multiverse theory is supported by a number of leading physicists including Stephen Hawking. This theory makes a lot more sense to me than the ability to cross the vastness of our galaxy. Alternatively I am also open to the idea that they are part of our natural world (as John Keel) suggests. 

Perhaps these beings from other parallel universes (Multiverses) have found a way to cross over into ours using flying saucers and similar vehicles. 

Some of the most common Extra-terrestrial types that contactees and abductees report are;

The Greys – The most common type of alien reported and seen in movies and TV shows. These aliens sometimes are believed to be a slave race gone rogue and they are harvesting human DNA to create a hybrid race to ensure their survival. Or another theory of the Greys is that they are a robotic race and not an organic being as such. 

The Nordics – named for their appearance as seemingly normal human being with white skin, blonde hair and blue eyes. Generally considered friendly towards human beings they are sometimes referred to as the Peladians.

Reptilians – Large tall reptilian humanoids not generally considered good towards other alien races or human beings. Some believe that the reptilians are the creators of the Greys whom the reptilians created as a slave race that have gone rogue. Authors like David Icke have long suggested it is this race that is behind Governments, Banking, Wars and other “evils” of our planet.

The Arcturians – a benevolent race of aliens 3-4 feet with bluish-grey skin who many contactees believe are the protectors of the human race. These beings apparently have the ability to cross over into other dimensions. Their massive space cruiser is said to be cloaked and hiding in our solar system to prevent the nasty aliens invading earth.

Have Extra Terrestrial Aliens visited our planet personally I believe yes I think they have! 

Who they are? Where they are from? What their motives are? We can only speculate. 

Sceptics rightly question in my opinion, the validity of any claims of aliens and flying saucers they point to complete lack of verifiable physical evidence which science needs to prove a theory. 

Unfortunately with much of the field of the unexplained we have whacky theories and theorists, some not so convincing photos and evidence. 

But yet, keep watching the skies!