Wycliffe Well Australia's UFO Capital?


Wycliffe Well is located on the Stuart Highway 130 kilometres south of Tennant Creek and 380 kilometres north of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory Australia. It is known as Australia’s UFO capital due to the hundreds of UFO sightings that have occurred there since WWII.

Wycliffe Well began as a watering point along the stock route for the Overland Telegraph Line in the 1860s. During World War II the Well became a market garden centre to service troops, and at the end of the war, two soldiers stayed on to continue selling vegetables and garden products to Alice Springs.

In 1960 a petrol pump was installed to supply fuel to travelers. Since then Wycliffe Well has become a tourist stop over point. The town today essentially consists of the Wycliffe Well tourist park which covers 60 acres of land and includes a recreational lake for fishing and boating, a Bar that has the largest range of beer available in Australia plus three life-size Alien figures and a large model UFO!


UFO Sightings

According to the tourist parks brochure, "UFO sightings are so common, that if you stayed up all night looking, you would be considered unlucky not to see anything, rather than lucky to see something".

According to local Folklore UFO sightings have occurred in the Well since WWII. Even a binder book containing records of UFO sightings from this era was kept until it was stolen from the tourist parks front counter some years ago. Sightings from the 90’s have since been kept by the tourist park staff.

The local restaurant‘s walls are covered with newspaper clippings written by UFO skeptics and believers alike.

Wycliffe Well is one of the top 5 UFO hotspots in the world that can guarantee a sighting every couple of days. 

According to Lou Farkus the parks owner; “Scientists say the sky is full of Ley Lines, which act like highways for the UFO’s to travel along.” He says “But these energy lines must meet somewhere and one of those crossroads or intersections lies directly above the middle of Australia. That’s why we see so many here.”

Lou claims that because Wycliffe Well is one of the flattest places in the region it allows a 360 degree view of the night skies. This allows a great vantage point to see unidentified objects in the sky.

Lou has operated the Wycliffe Well Roadhouse for over 20 years and originally had no interest in UFOs until he moved there. He claims that he has seen so many no longer bothers looking for them and waits for visitors to report them.

He also claims that he has nothing to prove to skeptics and suggests they come and take a look for themselves to make up their own minds. 

Lou has also heard many bizarre theories over the years of what the UFO’s may be? One in particular is the theory is that the lights in the sky are Fluorescent birds! “Can you imagine the size of one of those birds?” He laughs.

He also claims there have been many visitors from the UK and Japan who bring with them sophisticated equipment. Only after a few days of taking readings they leave. 

Skeptics claim that many UFO sightings are conventional aircraft misidentified. Lou says; “Sure the RAAF do flyovers from time to time, but once you seen their Jets going at Mach-1, There’s no comparison with the speed that these other things travel at.” “Sometimes the UFO’s travel so fast you’d literally blink to miss it.”

UFO descriptions from Wycliffe Well include; Cigar, Square and Rectangular shape. Square shapes morphing into circular. Pulsating and flashing lights. Orange, Green and Red spinning lights. Others that shoot out beams of different colours. 

UFOs have also been witnessed hovering above the ground. One case in particular where a “huge’ craft was seen hovering 100m above the parks toilet block that took off at an astonishing speed.

Daytime sightings have occurred, sometimes UFO’s have known to follow cars but seem to generally uninterested in people with claims of abductions being very rare. 

Reports of Alien beings are also rare apart from one account. According to Lou Farkus “I’ve only heard of one case of someone seeing an Alien form, it was from an Aboriginal woman who said she saw a flashing object descend into the trees and then sighted three beings.”

It could be speculated that some UFO sightings in Wycliffe Well are attributed to vehicles being tested at the Woomera Prohibited Area which also is located on the Stuart Highway. The WPA is sometimes referred to as Area 52 or Australia’s Area 51.



The truth is out there…at Wycliffe Well. Newspaper article by Francine Pennington 



UFO testing at Woomera?


Woomera is known as Australia's Area 51 or simply Area 52. The Woomera Prohibited Area (WPA) was established in 1947 as rocket and weapons testing facility including testing Nuclear Weapons. 

Woomera is a top secret military base boasting a massive 127,000 square km area, and is the largest testing ground in the world. The WPA is approximately the size of England.

The township of Woomera was closed to civilians until 1982 the town itself was established soley for the purpose of supporting the WPA personnel. The town is now open to the general public.

The use of the V1 and V2 rockets by Germany in World War 2 against the United Kingdom resulted in the UK's desire to undertake its own rocket research and development after the war. 

However, the density of population in the UK made it difficult to establish a test facility in the UK so they approached the Australian government for a site in Australia. 

The site of the town and the prohibited area were surveyed by Len Beadell. The major criteria for selecting a site were, that it provided a very long testing corridor, and avoided populated areas.

The testing of top secret weapons in the WPA has led to speculation that other technology is being tested there also. Particularly in light of many UFO sightings that occur along the Stuart Highway that runs directly through the Prohibited area. It is against the law for motorists to stop along the highway and enter the Prohibited Area.

Wycliffe Well supposedly Australia's UFO capital lies along the Stuart Highway and is a popular tourist attraction and over night stop over for weary travelers. UFO's have been seen in Wycliffe Well as far back as WWII.

Rumor exists that a 35 story building has been constructed underground the Woomera base. And that the United States now uses the Area to test Experimental Aircraft reverse engineered from crashed Alien spacecraft as Area 51 in Nevada has gained too much attention from UFO researchers and enthusiasts. 

It could be speculated that the recent UFO flap currently occurring in the Northern Territory is due to Top Secret reverse engineered craft being test flown from the Woomera Prohibited Area.



What are UFO's and Aliens?


UFO --Unidentified Flying Object - generally accepted as meaning of alien origin, but strictly referring to any airborne anomalous light or vehicle. Throughout the ages man has been fascinated with the heavenly bodies, we plant out crops to their movements, we analyze our behaviors based on planetary alignment and we look to the stars for insight and inspiration.

But to some it hold much more. UFO's have been reported since man has been able to transcribe events into history. There have been many explanation put forward for these countless sightings. A meteor, a shooting star, The planet Venus, reflections from aeroplanes, the list goes on and on. There are also numerous explanations as to what they could be if we were to believe that they are not an explainable object. Visitors from other planets, other dimension or even earthlings from other times.

Alien Abduction

Along with the sightings of UFOs comes the Abduction enigma. One of the earliest examples is that of Betty and Barney Hill abducted on 19-20 September 1961. During abductions the subject is usually beamed or taken aboard an alien spacecraft and is subjected to a series of physical examinations. The reproductive organs of the abductees is usually of particular interest to the aliens. And some have been told that genetic material is needed for the aliens to propagate their species. Some people claim that they were pregnant at the times of their abduction and fetuses are taken. They find themselves not to be pregnant when they are returned. The abductors do not usually speak to the subject but are communication is by telepathy. Sometimes subjects are shown images of the destruction of the earth and other environmental disasters. And are told if humans do not end their greedy ways humans will destroy one another.

Many abductees claim that aliens place implants in their bodies to keep track of their movements and presumably other information. Implants have been surgically removed from people who claim to be abductees. Some have been analyzed to reveal elements which are not found on this planet but are often commonly found in meteorites. 

UFO Technology

Ufologists claim that downed UFOs have been retrieved by the American Military. The most famous case of which is the 1947 Roswell Incident and that these craft are housed in the Nellis Air Force base at a mysterious place called Area 51. The technology used to build the Stealth bomber and other high altitude reconnaissance vehicles were constructed using "alien technology". Another theory is that there is an "alien liaison" and that Flying saucers were given to the military by aliens in return for other freedoms or favours. Several people most notably Bob Lazar claims to have been employed by the military to back engineer these craft. He describes what he calls the "sports model" that he worked on and this craft uses a particular substance known as Element 115 to fuel the vehicle.

Spirits of the Clouds and Rain or Ancient Aliens?


Wondjina in ancient Australian Aboriginal lore are spirits of the clouds and rain. They are sometimes considered creator spirits or gods. However Ancient Alien theorists suggest that the Wondjina are nothing other than “Grey Aliens” as reported in modern alien abduction cases. According to the theory these “aliens” many thousands of years ago visited ancient Australia and made contact with the Aboriginals which in turn influenced, or depending on the myth created the landscape, people and culture. 

Depictions of the Wondjina appear in rock art alone or in groups, colours are usually black, red and yellow on a white background. They are only found in the Kimberley region (north-eastern Western Australia). Wondjina paintings appear around 3800 years ago following the end of an era of long drought that gave way to a wetter climate characterised by regular monsoons. Hence their connection to clouds and rain.

Repainting of the Wondjina are carried out by the Mowanjum tribe annually in December or January to ensure that the rains return. At some rock art sites the paint is over 40 layers deep.

Wondjina should not be painted or created by just anyone there are several rules to depicting them and also the type of substance the paint is made from. There are some modern undesirable images and graffiti art of the Wondjina which are considered offensive to Aboriginals and the Wondjina spirits. 

Depictions of the Wondjina show them with large oval shaped heads with a type of halo, large black eyes but no mouth. Ancient Alien theorists liken this to “the Greys” who have been reported by abductees as having very small mouths that are almost undiscernible. Aboriginal legends say the Wondjina do not need mouths as they are so powerful they have no use for them. This idea also connects with abduction cases where the abductee reports mental telepathy from the aliens as the mode of communication. Verbal communication is not needed.

Each Wondjina painting is an individual with their own distinct names, the paintings are considered just as powerful as the actual being and should be respected. The Wandjina can punish those who break the law with storms and monsoons. 

When Wondjina found the place they would die, they painted their images on cave walls and entered a nearby waterhole, suggesting that they were indeed a corporeal being originally. Some Ancient Aliens theorists suggest that Wondjina were ancient aliens stranded on Earth in the Kimberley region in Australia and influenced Aboriginal tribes belief and culture.


Of The First Kind (CEI) - A UFO in close proximity (within approximately 500 feet) of the experiencer.

Of The Second Kind (CEII) - A UFO that leaves markings on the ground, causes burns or paralysis to humans, frightens animals, interferes with car engines or TV and radio reception.

Of The Third Kind (CEIII) - A CEI or CEII which have visible occupants.

There are also two more unofficial classes of Close Encounter:

Of The Fourth Kind (CEIV) - Abduction cases. 

Of The Fifth Kind (CEV) - Communication occurs between a person and an alien. Hynek Classification System

A system used to categorize the various types of UFO sightings invented by Dr J. Allen Hynek. The categories are as follows:

Nocturnal Light - Any anomalous light(s) seen in the night sky whose description rules out the possibilities of aircraft lights, stars, meteors, etc.

Daylight Disk - UFOs seen in the distant daytime sky. The UFOs classed in this category can be other shapes as well, like cigars, eggs and ovals.

Radar-Visuals - Where UFOs are tracked on radar and can be seen at the place illustrated at the same time.