What is Skull and Bones?

Skull and Bones is an elite Yale University secret society whose members include some of the most powerful men of the 20th century. The group was founded in 1832 by Alphonso Taft and William Russell. 15 new Members are selected or "tapped" each year.

The society was all male until 1992. Members meet in the Bones "Tomb" a building with no windows constructed of granite and sandstone a building in which strange cries and whispers would emanate. 

On Thursday and Sunday evenings of each week over the course of their senior year. As with other Yale societies, the sharing of a personal history, including personal sexual secrets is the keystone of the senior year together in the tomb. Reputedly, members are assigned a nickname; it is understood but unsubstantiated that each member "carries on a line" in the society, and that each line is assigned a name.

According to "dissident" Bones members interviewed by Alexandra Robbins for her book Secrets of The Tomb [p. 5], members dine off a set of Hitler's silverware while in the tomb, consuming expensive gourmet meals with each other over the span of the year. It is speculated that Skull and Bones has ties to German secret societies who were in existence at the time when the Skull and Bones fraternity was established.

The members call themselves "Knights," and simultaneously call everyone else in the world at large "barbarians." Another dissociation is that clocks in the Bones "tomb" run intentionally five minutes ahead of the rest of the world, to give the members an ongoing sense that the Bonesmen's space is a totally separate world — and a world just a bit ahead of the curve of the rest of the "barbarians" outside. There are also reports that the society has ideals of racial purity and accumulation of power by any means.

Many powerful families have been members of Skull and Bones most notable the Bush family. Prescot Bush the current President George W Bush's Grandfather and his father former President George H. W. Bush. 

Prescott Bush, George W's grandfather, and a band of Bonesmen, robbed the grave of Geronimo, took the skull and some personal relics of the Apache chief and brought them back to the tomb. Apparently there is a glass case within the tomb that displays a skull that they all refer to as "Geronimo".

The current President Bush has tapped five fellow Bonesmen to join his administration. Most recently, he selected William Donaldson, Skull and Bones 1953, the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission. 

Although Bones is not only restricted to the Republican Party. Senator John Kerry, a Democrat, was a Skull & Bones initiate in 1966. President William Howard Taft was a member as well as many Supreme Court Justices, and U.S. business leaders.

Conspiracy theories abound about the Skull and Bones fraternity as many members end up in powerful and influential positions in society. And considering that only 15 members are selected each year and that only 800 "Bonesmen" are living at any given time. And these "select" few end up in positions of influence seems all too convenient. This reinforces the belief that Skull and Bones main purpose is to gain positions of power.


This in turn leads people to believe that members are involved in creating a "New World Order" one in which the ruling elite intends to "globalise" the world under their control.