Is the Devil living next door to you?

Ritual Abuse Conspiracies is the supposed theory that Devil worship, child/animal sacrifice, cannibalism, sexual orgies and other atrocities are going on now in your neighborhood right under your very nose! Conspiracy theorists claim that Satanists are everywhere, in society they hold positions of power, they are teachers, police, politicians and other ordinary everyday folk. Actually even a movie called Spellbinder staring Kelly Preston explored such theories. Below are a couple of famous cases...

The Broxtowe Housing Estate Case

In October 1987 in the Broxtowe housing estate in Nottingham England, police and social workers arrested parents of an extended family and took seven children into care. Not 18 months later the investigation had widened and 10 adults were found guilty of 53 offences committed to 27 children. All of the adults were sentenced with long prison terms.

The case attracted a lot of media coverage due to the horrendous "Facts" revealed in court. The evidence given in court from the children and the unusual high degree of cooperation from foster parents who were asked to make notes of anything the children in their care said. The evidence presented was not only bizarre but in most cases impossible.

Police at the time were dubious about the legitimacy of the "evidence" and how such evidence would stand up in court. The social services believed that the police were trying to "cover-up" and obstruct the social workers investigation. The notes the foster parents kept included proof that secret rituals and orgies were held in honor of the "Devil" or "The Prince of Darkness". These "Ceremonies" took place at night in secret locations such as in tunnels underneath a church, in a big castle full of sharks and boats, at a local pub, in a cemetery, at a house with a swimming pool full of Crocodiles. Sharks and and a Dragon on a boat. The individuals involved in the rituals were bizarre characters such as Superman, Clowns, Witches, A Magic Lion, and other personalities known as Mr. Brown and Mr. Poo Pants.

The children also told foster parents that at these so called "Witch Parties" that babies were shot, jumped on, stabbed, hung round peoples necks, cooked in microwaves, eaten, chopped up and eaten by policemen, ripped from pregnant women's wombs and buried. Children also saw Jesus being murdered then eaten, people were taken from the streets and killed. The children also claimed they had been cut open and magically healed. They also had to eat spiders, drink blood, stab sheep and were turned into dogs by "Witches".

Given the unbelievable evidence supplied by the foster parents diaries police were reluctant to pursue the allegations. They believed that most of the evidence supplied was mostly normal childhood fantasy about Witches and Superheroes etc made to look a whole lot worse due to the foster parents "encouragement".

The police therefore initiated their own inquiry calling it the Gollom Report, they concluded that there was no evidence of Satanism, Devil Worship or Witchcraft or any other form of Ritual Abuse at the Broxtowe Estate. The police commented that there was no evidence to support the allegations or Ritual Abuse and that children were "lead" by foster parents who had meetings twice a week to discuss their notes. This lead to a communication breakdown between the services and more and more allegations flew. The situation escalated out of control. So in July 1989 the Joint Enquiry Team was formed to investigate allegations from a fresh point of view it consisted of, Four police officers, and four social workers, none of whom had anything to do with the previous investigation. The results were published later that year in the 600 page JET report.

The findings of the JET were damning, Police and Social workers could not find "any" corroborative evidence in the Broxtowe case and did not believe the foster parents diaries provided any proof of the Ritual Abuse claims. The JET report ended up an embarrassment to the British Government who believed they had stopped the atrocities in their tracks. The JET report was withheld from the public despite the British Dept of Health recommendations to prevent events happening again in the future. This led to cover-up allegations between the Government and Social Services plus the Christian right wing.

The JET report has since been leaked to the internet if you would like to read the report click the link below.

The JET Report.

Michelle Remembers

Michelle Remembers is the case possibly were the term "Ritual Abuse" was first coined and possibly where the modern worlds fascination with Satanic Cults began. 

Michelle Pazder is a woman in her 50's with one daughter who is now married to the man who helped her recollect her Satanic experience . The book Michelle Remembers was written by Dr Lawrence Pazder concerning events that allegedly happened to then, Michelle Proby. Michelle was allegedly introduced to a Satanic Cult by her mother in her home basement in 1955 when Michelle was only five years old.

In the book Dr Pazder does not disclose the families name or address. But had since been discovered she was the daughter of Jack and Virginia Proby, who lived with Michelle's two sisters at 2078 Newton Street, Victoria, British Columbia Canada in a white-painted house, set among a normal everyday neighborhood.

In therapy sessions with Dr Pazder, Michelle recalled how she had witnessed debauchery, murder and the sacrifice of babies, the mutilation of snakes and kittens. How she was made to drink blood at the altar of Satan. Her torment was to last nearly two years. And she named the person guilty of giving her to the Devil her own mother.

According to her Father "It was the worst pack of lies a little girl could ever make up. The book took me four months to read, and I cried all the time. I kept saying to myself: 'Dear God, how could anyone do this to their dead mother?' "There never was a woman on this earth who worked harder for her daughters. There was no hanky panky or devil-worshiping." Michelle's mother died of cancer when Michelle was 14.

"I asked my lawyer if I could sue them. He said I would win, but it would cost me $5,000. So instead I took out a Notice of Intent against their publisher, which meant if they ever went beyond a literary contract I would sue. That meant they couldn't get their movie deal."

Michelle went to Dr. Pazder for therapy sessions and eventually left her husband. Dr Pazder was also married, with four children.

Michelle's first husband is Doug Smith, a chartered surveyor. A close friend said he was extremely bitter. Not once during their marriage or the birth of their daughter did Michelle ever mention her experience, which included such hideous psychological torture as being imprisoned in a cage with live snakes and being forced to eat a soup of worms.

Some, including a Roman Catholic bishop, give Michelle the benefit of the doubt; that she did genuinely "believe" these things happened to her. But they are firmly convinced that, in real life, they did not and have to be explained as the workings of her subconscious.

In the book Michelle claims she had not religious upbringing her father attests that she attended church every Sunday. Other supposed events were poisoning during a Satanic Ritual. Michelle being killed in a car accident and revived by the Devil himself. Michelle's father states that these so called repressed memories were real events that were twisted in Michelle's mind.

Many other life long friends and acquaintances of the Proby's deny all of the events described in Michelle Remembers.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police says there has never been one prosecution in Victoria for Satanic practices. And a Canadian author who is an expert on the occult, Jean Kozocari, said: "There was

never any Satanism in Victoria in the 1950s. The most interesting group there were wife swappers."



Denna Allen & Janet Midwinter

Victoria, British Columbia

_The Mail on Sunday_

London, England

September 30, 1990

Page 41

As we can see by the two accounts above there is no real evidence of so called Ritual Abuse by Devil Worshipers or Satanists. Law enforcement agencies and several reports by government agencies all over the world have found no evidence of any organized Satanic groups who commit murder of adults, children, fetuses or babies. Real Satanic religious movements such as the Church of Satan and the Temple of Set do not condone any criminal activity whatsoever, drugs use, violence or any kind of rituals involving sacrificing people children or animals are strictly prohibited.