We are a small group of dedicated researchers, who look into all subjects related to the paranormal and in particular ghosts and hauntings throughout Adelaide and South Australia. Many of the places that we have had the pleasure to research over the years, have included The Old Adelaide Gaol, Saint Cecilia’s, Studio 9, St Johns – Kapunda, Gladstone Gaol and even Slater Mill in the USA to name but a few. Some of these investigations will be discussed on this site. However, please note that we do have many more paranormal investigations that are very confidential and, must remain so to protect those sites and their occupants from harassment or potential vandalism.


The aim of Paranormal Field Investigators is not only to look into what could be paranormal in nature, but also to look at what can be easily mistaken for a ghost or a haunting. We aim to provide an honest and balanced view of both on this website.


If you would like any paranormal situation investigated or, if you simply just want to talk to somebody about it, then please do not hesitate to contact us.


PLEASE NOTE: Our investigations are confidential and free of charge. Unless you wish your name or property to become public knowledge, we believe it is our responsibility to keep these confidential and therefore protected.