Does a prehistoric marsupial Tiger still roam the Aussie bush?

Illustration of the Queensland tiger. Image Credit: Cryptozoology A to Z by Loren Coleman and Jerome Clark 1999

Not to be confused with the Tasmanian Tiger. Queensland Tigers are medium sized carnivorous marsupial striped cats. The Tiger has been in aboriginal folklore for centuries and has been spotted by white Australians since colonization.

In the 1940-50's a series of sightings occurred in North Queensland's tropical rainforests. Also witnesses encountered a striped tiger like beast around Maryborough and Gympie. Several expeditions have gone out to try and catch a tiger many times but with no success.

The animal is described as about the size of a German Shepherd with a big cats head with black stripes across its back.

It apparently rips the guts out of its prey using razor sharp front claws. The Queensland Tiger has been known to attack livestock as well as native animals such as Kangaroos and Wallabies etc. 

Some researchers believe that the QLD Tiger is a descendant of the fossil Marsupial Lion, The Thylacoleo.

The Queensland Tiger is also known as the "Beast of Buderim" various sightings occurred around this area.

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Source: Cryptozoology A-Z by Loren Coleman and Jerome Clark 1999