Krambach is a small village on the mid-coast of New South Wales, Australia, approximately 3.5 hours’ drive from Sydney.  The township backs onto a forest covered mountain range where numerous Yowie sightings have occurred over the years.

In 1976 long term resident Alwin Richards witnessed a creature he described as a dark blacky-brown with woolly shaggy hair. He said the smell of the creature was like many other Yowie witnesses report; as being a burnt electrical kind of smell, which he described as “unnatural”.

In the summer of 1990 Julie Clark, who was only a teenager at the time, was confronted by a large hairy human like creature whilst out riding. Her horse was the first to notice that something was wrong, she saw a creature looking at her from the bush which rose-up and started to chase her, she claimed the creature was taller than her horse at full height. She described it as being similar to a gorilla, but was more like a man covered in fur, she turned her horse and bolted back home in fear.

Children have claimed to have rocks thrown at them when swimming in the creek below the town. They say it makes a sound like a dog being run over and somebody drowning.

Paul Carney witnessed a similar creature in the mountain above the creek, when rocks came hurtling past him, he said: “I looked around and saw this creature, ducking behind a tree, I just took off, I was spooked!” The creek below the town is a very eerie place.

 Apparently, the Yowie at Krambach builds rock formations called “cairns” the stones are really, heavy and too big for a child to move. According to “Jodi” the creature throws rocks at the local children but has never hit anyone. “He doesn’t want to hurt us” she says.

The Extraordinary, Television Show: 1993