"Ghost" in languages from across the globe.

Ghost is derived from the old English word gást. Here is a list of words from different cultures and languages that are equivalent to the English word “ghost”.


Arabic: Sheba

Danish: Spôk or Spook 

Finnish: Aave 

French: Fantôme

German: Geist

Greek: Eidolon 

Hebrew: Spirit - translates the Hebrew word Ruah 

India: Bhoot or Bhut 

Italian: Spettro (masculine) apparizione and fantasma (feminine)

Japaese: Yurei - meaning faint or dim spirit and Borei –meaning ruined or departed spirit.

Latin: Phasma Phasmatis

Polish: Upiór

Romanian: Strigoi

Scandinavian: Gjenganger

Scottish: Wraith 

Serbian: Utvara, sablast, avet, duh

Spanish: Fantasma

Tibetan: Yidag, Yi-dvags

Welsh: Ysbryd