Poltergeist Phenomena


Level 1. The sense attack

The poltergeist attacks the basic human senses

Witnesses may hear strange noises in the middle of the night

Flickering lights

Unusual activity by animals

Witnesses may experience cold or hot spots

Weird and strange smells


Level 2. Communication

Smells and noises become more direct

Noises change into sounds you cannot define

Marks will start to appear on walls and ceilings

Objects in the home will start to move

The poltergeist will start to accumulate more energy

Stronger than your average static electricity

Level 3. Electrical Control

Hands that are not seen will start grabbing and touching people

Writings on the walls and ceilings will become more evident

Apparitions of dark and strange figures

Objects will start to fall out of nowhere

Appliances being turned on/off

The poltergeist will start to feed off this fear (your fear) to gather enough energy to move to the next level

Level 4. The Trickster Stage

The poltergeist starts to gather momentum

The living will start to feel dizzy and nauseated

Furniture, windows etc. will start to shake and shudder more violently

Further physical attacks

Objects flying, disappearing and reappearing


Level 5. The Danger Stage

A total chaos

The poltergeist has reached its highest energy and considered extremely dangerous

Blood on walls

Fires can and will start in rooms

Household objects such as knives start to fly across the room aiming to stick itself into a living person in the room

Threatening voices

Possible human possession

Persons being held down, bitten, punched, lifted into the air, and sexually abused