Orbs orbs everywhere but not a ghost in sight?

Orbs are a hotly debated subject in the paranormal field. When orbs first began showing up in photographs some researchers automatically assumed that orbs were in fact ghosts, spirits or some other kind of paranormal phenomena. Many believed somehow digital technology was able to capture spirits more easily than regular film cameras. 

When the digital camera became more popular more and more orbs were showing up in pictures. So much so now that many researchers started to dismiss them right out hand immediately.

Many retracted previous statements an ate their words.

The appearance of orbs has become increasingly more prevalent since the advent of the digital camera. Before the development of the CCD lens the appearance of orbs in photographs was almost non existent.


In one camp orbs are genuine ghosts or spirits that can be photographed anywhere. 

The other camp is that orbs are nothing more than, dust particles, pollen, insects, water vapor or droplets or even moisture in your breath being super illuminated by the flash of the camera and its inability to focus on object close to its lens.

This theory seems to hold true because digital photographs taken in the daytime or in high lighting situations where the flash does not go off orbs are rarely if ever present.

An alternative theory is that orbs are energy pockets that are somehow captured by digital cameras. If so what kind of energy are they capturing?

There is a more open minded theory that "some" orbs are paranormal in nature, that if certain characteristics are shown that an orb is not dust or moisture etc. 

Some of these being movement, leaving a trail, emitting its own light source, being solid, orbs captured behind other objects, and the cooler colors of the spectrum. i.e. Blues and greens.

Other theories suggest that spirit orbs are more prevalent because today people are taking more photos than ever. Due to the convenience of digital technology of not having to have your photos developed due to cost etc.

We banged a dusty sofa cushion in front of our digital 
camera and took a snap shot the result was lots of "orbs" in our picture.


This photo was taken in thick fog!


Could this be a genuine spirit orb?
As orbs as so easy to reproduce in experiments I severely doubt it!

Can orbs be used as evidence of a ghost or haunting?

Carl Sagan said "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary data" and if we are serious as Paranormal Investigators who want to challenge hardened skeptics. Orbs should be thrown out of your evidence of the Paranormal. Simply because of the fact that they can be so easily recreated. Even if they qualify for some of the common exceptions mentioned above.

On this site you may find some pictures of orbs, usually they do fall under the exceptions column. However we do not claim that any of these pictures are indeed spirits or ghosts. Quite often they are anomalies that require a little more consideration.