A perfect place to die?

Yurei - A Japanese Ghost


Aokigahara but commonly referred to as Sea of Trees has the reputation of being one of Japans most haunted locations.

Situated below Mt Fuji the forest floor is extremely hard, so hard picks and shovels having trouble penetrating the ground. Annually the caverns within the forest are covered with ice. 

Some point to the presence of large iron deposits below the surface that somehow produces conditions ideal for the manifestation of paranormal activity. 

The deposits are also blamed for the apparent malfunctioning of compasses and GPS devices however regular army training takes place in the forest with no reported malfunction of military grade devices. 

The Forest is the world’s second most popular suicide location (the first being the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco). Many blame the novel Kuroi Jukai (Black Forest), which ends with the lovers of the novel committing suicide in the forest.

Also Wataru Tsurmui’s bestselling book The Complete Manual of Suicide describes the forest as "The perfect place to die."

Since the 50’s over 500 deaths have occurred in the forest mostly from suicides. And nearly 80 suicides occur per year. The Japanese government has placed phone numbers for suicide prevention help lines on signs within the forest asking people to seriously reconsider taking their own lives.


Sign urging people to reconsider suicide.

Regular body searches are conducted by the forest authority. Tape is often used to mark the trails as finding your way back out of Aokigahara can sometimes be difficult. Many people not on a suicide mission have never returned from the depths of this dark forest.

Aokigahara is considered the most haunted location in all of Japan, a purgatory for Yurei, the unsettled ghosts of Japan who have been torn unnaturally soon from their lives and who howl their suffering on the winds.

If a body is found, a worker for the forest commission must sleep in the same room with it, as a superstition, so the soul of the body doesn’t scream all night and haunt the forest.

The forest is said to be a rich source of resalable items such as driver’s licenses, credit cards and even cold, hard cash, all of it taken from the bodies of those who’ve decided to end their lives there.

Josh Gates and his team from the Destination Truth television program conducted an investigation of Aokigahara. Josh Himself personally witnessed an apparition whilst one of their IR cameras captured evidence that could easily be described as a Ghost or Yurei.


Aokigahara - The Sea of Trees.