What is SLI?

SLI or Street Light interference is a phenomenon that I had been noticing for years before I ever read anything about it. SLI as the name infers is the apparent interference by human beings that affects street lights. Typically the street light will go out when a person walks, drives or whatever under ordinary street lights. My first experience with SLI as far I can remember was when I was about 18 or so when I would go and see a live band in a local pub not far from my girlfriends house at the time. On the way home whether if she was with me or not - one particular street light on a T intersection would inexplicably go out when I walked underneath it. I must have noticed it the first time and ignored it, but it kept on happening every time I would walk underneath this one particular light. From then on I started to think about it happening as I approached it, but when I thought about it, it would never happen. Then on other nights when I was thinking of other things or I was absent minded (not drunk) I would pass under it unaware and I would get a fright when this light suddenly went out. Only then would I remember it and say something to myself like "there goes my light again". 

After I stopped seeing this girl I again forgot all about "my light" until a few years later when I started playing in bands myself did I notice a light that would go out on a bridge I had to drive over to get home, usually at about 3am when there were no other cars on the road. Again it was only one particular light. A few years later my brother bought me a book for Christmas "The Paranormal" by John Spencer. And in this book there was a small one page article on SLI. I was most intrigued. Since then I have talked to many friends and family members who also have had similar experiences with SLI. 

Just four nights ago at the time of writing I was coming home from a gig with Michelle with the two kids in the car when at least four lights on both sides of the road all went out simultaneously. We both noticed it. At the time we were having a conversation about a stressful and emotional subject. And funnily enough many people who experience SLI say that the phenomenon happens to them when they are in an emotional state. I find that it has happened to me most when I am absent minded.

People who continually experience this phenomenon are called SLIders. These people also report:

* Watches that don't keep proper time or that battery runs flat after a very short period.

* Light bulbs blow when switched on.

* Lamps and other appliances turn off and on.

* Volume changes on stereos, TV's etc. 

* ATM and credit card magnetic strips are damaged.

* Electronic toys turn off and on.


What causes it?

At the moment study of SLI is in it infancy and because of the spontaneous occurrence of SLI it is difficult to reproduce in a laboratory environment. One possible cause could be electrical impulses in the brain that somehow effect the electrical current of lights and appliances. There is also a theory that suggests that somehow our subconscious mind can effect electronic devices - possibly through telekinesis. Others claim that there is nothing to the SLI phenomenon at all is is purely coincidental. And it is the mechanical nature of the human mind to connect meaningless events.