What is Psychic ability and who has it?

The word Psychic comes from the Greek word "psychikos" which means "of the mind" or "mental".

Psychic powers are a kind of Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) where information is apparently gathered using an ability which goes beyond the perceptions of the normal five human senses.

ESP or Psychic ability goes well back into antiquity to the dawn of man. Most tribal cultures had a shaman, holy man or woman who displayed what today we would consider psychic powers. 

In the ancient world the Delphic oracle in Greece displayed prophetic powers induced by inhaling smouldering herbs. 

Seers in ancient cultures such as Ancient Egypt performed the role of adviser to rulers, priests and judges due to their prophetic or "precognative" abilities.


Defining a "Psychic" is not an easy thing to do as many psychics have one or more type of psychic abilities they use such as;


Clairvoyance - meaning clear vision. Clairvoyants have the ability to see the future or other events.

Clairaudiance - meaning clear hearing. Clairaudiants hear or are told information about the future or other information.

Clairsentience - meaning clear sensing. Clairsentients feel how a future event may play itself out. Some call this a "gut feeling".

Precognition - the ability to accurately predict the future.

Psychometery - the ability to pick up information from objects or even perhaps buildings and structures. 

Mediumship - the ability to communicate with spirits of the dead. Sometimes this is used to predict the future but more often is used to deliver information from the dead to the living.

Telepathy - the ability to read other peoples minds. 

Telekinesis - the ability to move physical objects with the power of their minds.

Many Psychics use tools or props in their work including;

Tarot Cards

Crystal Balls


Animal Bones

I Ching

Tea leaves

to name a few these are not necessarily where the information originates but are simply portals or doorways to connect with the information.


Who has psychic ability?

Many people with psychic ability point to a family member or a genetically related person who has passed down the ability to themselves. 

Some theories suggest that a large portion of the population has some kind of psychic abilities. They also suggest that this ability is repressed and ridiculed when people are young and is not allowed to develop.

Other theories suggest that people who are more creative or "right brained" i.e. they have developed the right hemisphere of their brain more have more psychic ability than "left brain" or more logical minded people. 

Psychic ability like all paranormal phenomena is difficult to study due to it's erratic nature.

Psychic ability has not yet been scientifically proven and skeptics of psychic ability point to cold reading techniques and body language "tells" as and explanation of how psychics obtain their information.

Research continues into psychic phenomenon.


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